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Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince.....

I watched Harry Potter 6 from 10:15 PM to 1:00 AM.... :P:P:P You ask why? Well, I was too impatient to watch it with my friends in a more human hour... ^_^

The movie was worse than I expected but I have seen worser.... Still, this is the worst part from the HP series. But I enjoyed it and felt strong emotions because the movie,no matter how far it was from the book in scenes and dialogue, reminded me of the book which was, in my personal opinion, brilliant.

Dumbledore has always been my favourite character along with Snape and the fact that I knew what happens in the 7th book helped me in watching the movie ( or maybe just made me more teary? :P ).

In the end, when Snape pointed his wound towards Dumbledore, I didn't know why I was crying- was I crying because of Dumbledoe's death or was I crying because of Snape's position- to kill the only person who trusted him, the only person he could call, more or less, his friend? I think I cried for both of them... and it was devastating. At least when I read the 6th book, I cried only for one of them and then when I cried for Snape in book 7 I had already forgotten about Dumbledore. Now the pain was double because I could see the chaos in both characters, the merciless situation they were both forced to play their roles in... and what was the worst- they were palying willingly because there was no other option. The conversation between Snape and Dumbleodore when Snape said he didn't want to "do it anymore" was just a proof how painful was his decision to kill Dumbledore in the end...
I bow before Alan Rickman's talent, he played this scene on the tower brilliantly, his face was full of pain and emotional struggle but everything remained subtle, under control... Snape had no choice, just like in the book, he had to do it, but it didn't make it any easier.  I realised that Snape was not the bad guy a long time ago, back in season 3 when he protected Hermoine and Harry from Lupin when the last became a warewolf. It was so obvious- Snape was more concerned in keeping Harry behind him than fighting the warewolf. Good memories...

The movie did not represent Dumbledore's death well, the movie did not emphasize on this character enough at all and this was something which infuriated me greatly! For god's sake, he is the most important figure in the 6th book, not the romance between the teenagers!!! That last evidence of his power- the fire scene, was the only thing I liked, it was done in a fantastic way, it made me cry for I knew this was the last time I was seeing Dumbledore saving Harry, being strong and brilliant... Of course, his moral strenght on the tower was immense, but the fire scene was something different, something so good... But while I was watching the ridiculous scene with the lighted wounds, I remembered Joanne Rowling's words about the phoenix which was leaving the castle, "which was leaving Harry".... I cried on my way back in 1 AM... it was not a good movie, but it was a good book and in the memory of it, I will tolerate the movie.

Harry Potter was the book of my late childhood and early teenagehood and as such I love it dearly... Some may think this is a movie for kids and a book not worth reading, but for me it is a precious memory filled with nostalgy, a little sadness and so, so much love... :)


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Jul. 27th, 2009 07:56 pm (UTC)
I think it's better if the writers paid a bit more attention towards the romance because in essence HBP was basically "Sweet Valley Hogwarts" in the book. If they managed to make the romance look plausible, it's a win for them.

Still, they're not getting my money. Rowling pretty much half-killed my love for her books with the unrealistic protrayal of her "Canon" couples. So I'm not watching the movies, either. :P I'll wait until the DVDs come out.
Sep. 11th, 2009 05:34 pm (UTC)
Well, I strongly disagree- Harry Potter is really about love and how it is the most powerful thing against evil and as a connection between people, but it is definitely not a romantic comedy, as the film was... I guess it is about how we read the book, but for me this 6th book was equal parts romance and Dumbledore's final lessons and the path of Voldemort. The movie concentrated on the romance which was wrong, it should have concentrated on the three things equally.

About the portrayal of the characters... I don't know, they seem pretty realistic to me, I like Rowling's style. A matter of perspective again :)
Sep. 11th, 2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
Not going to fuss on the first part, but the second? I don't think Harry/Ginny is that realistic. Sure there are people who fancy their brother's friend, but what happens when that friend is famous? You get rockstar/groupie interaction.

Seeing that HP is meant to be a role model, I guess what I can learn from Harry/Ginny is that if I wait around and act Mary Sueish I'll attract Mary McDonnell and Ben Barnes. And what I learn from Ron/Hermione is that arguing and injuring people both physically and mentally is the equivalent of True Love.
Sep. 12th, 2009 05:17 pm (UTC)
It was explained in the beginning that Harry's time with his uncle and aunt made him a sensible and decent guy and as such, he would never go with the groopies and he would never accept all the stupid girls who admire him. And Ginny is everything but Mary Sue- yes, as a little girl she admired Harry, as all little girls do, but then she grew up, became independent and really strong character. And it was Hermoine who taught her that.

I don't think Rowling said that her characters should be the model of all couples, it is just one case in which arguing means love(Ron/Hermoine) and first love means marriage (Harry/Ginny) There are rare occasions in RL when that happens, I, myself, had a boy with whom I argued very much and then realised I may have feelings for him. And I know people who met in high school and are married. It is not common, it is an exception, but it exists. Don't take Rowling's book so seriously, it doesn't have the ultimate truth about couples, love and so on, it is just one book, one point of view among many others :)
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